Not every alcoholic lives on skid row in a cardboard box, nor do all alcoholics live under a bridge, panhandling for change. These people didn’t start drinking one day and end up broke, homeless, and an alcoholic the next, although it may feel that way. Some people dealing with alcohol abuse are called functional alcoholics. Have you wondered, am I an alcoholic? Just because you aren’t destitute or dead yet doesn’t answer the question. For an example of how subtle and how sneaky alcohol addiction can be, we need to look no farther than people in recovery using alcohol residential treatment centers. 

In quality facilities like these, the answers look different for each person asking, am I an alcoholic? With the help of the experienced and caring professionals found in an excellent residential addiction treatment program, people learn that alcoholism can have many faces.

Am I an Alcoholic: The Many Faces of Alcohol Abuse

There are many faces of alcoholism. Some alcoholics are binge drinking students; others are now impoverished or homeless. Still more are functional daily drinkers. Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of alcohol addiction, help is available. That help most often looks like substance abuse treatment programs.

In these programs, people learn about the dangers of alcoholism. They uncover and deal with the root causes of their dependence on alcohol. Moreover, they find the answers, the hope, and the help they need to get better.

Am I an Alcoholic?

How often have you been late to work because you overslept following a night of drinking? How many times have you called out sick, following a night out on the town with friends? How many times have you gone into work with a hangover? Even one time may be one time too many.

Have you felt the need to hide your drinking lately? Do you drink alone? Often? Have you felt the desire to drink when you get up in the morning? 

These are questions that only you can answer, but being able to answer these questions honestly could be the difference between life and death. It could be the difference between getting the help you need or letting alcohol control (and destroy) your life. If you have a problem or think you have a problem, there is only one way to overcome alcoholism.

Overcoming Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

More often than not, we realize when there is a problem, even with alcoholism. We know (when we get transparent and honest with ourselves) when we are making excuses and justifying our behavior, don’t we? And more often than not, we know the answer to the question, “Am I an alcoholic?” before we ever ask.

Even for those who don’t know the answer, they have heard their friends express concern regarding their drinking habits. Family members have told them that they are worried. Perhaps someone has even suggested getting help.

If any of this sounds familiar or rings true, then it is probably time to get help. Are you or someone you care about struggling with addiction or alcohol abuse? Do you think you have a problem with alcohol and want to talk to someone? Then you need to get help now.

Look at the people around you. How many of them asked themselves, am I an alcoholic? Reach out and get the answers and the help you need today because what your tomorrow looks like could depend on it.