man wonders is my spouse an alcoholic

Is my spouse an alcoholic? This something that you may be asking yourself as you observe your wife’s or husband’s behavior. Alcohol addiction treatment centers identify the signs of alcoholism and provide a treatment program to help a spouse overcome their addiction.

Treatment specialists can help a family who may not know all the signs of addiction or how to intervene in a person’s life. If you suspect that your spouse is drinking too much or has a problem, then you should address their drinking and determine the best solution for treatment. Is my spouse an alcoholic? Let’s look a little closer to find the answer.

What Is a Drinking Problem?

A drinking problem is a condition in which a person’s drinking negatively affects different areas of their life. An alcoholic’s behavior may hurt their relationship with a spouse or children. They may lose their job, experience financial problems, or get into trouble with the law.

Alcoholism is the condition in which a person continues to drink excessively regardless of the consequence. After long periods of drinking, the spouse becomes dependent on the substance. When this happens, the best option is to explore alcohol rehab programs that can help the person stop drinking and recover from addiction.

Is My Spouse an Alcoholic? Here are the Signs

The signs of alcoholism are not always apparent. Some people can disguise their alcoholism for months or years before their wife or husband recognizes the condition. The most common symptoms of alcoholism include:

1. Psychological Problems and Poor Judgment

Psychological problems may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Borderline personality disorder

Psychological problems may trigger a drinking problem. Furthermore, alcoholism makes the symptoms of a psychological problem worse. Mixing alcohol and mental disorders often leads to poor judgment and cognitive dissonance.

2. Emotional Distress

You may notice that your spouse is stressed or depressed all of the time. Furthermore, they may become physically or verbally abusive. Moods can be extreme, leading to unpredictable behavior. The person may be on a ‘high’ one day and down the next. This type of behavior and erratic emotions is an indication that your spouse may be drinking too much, too often.

3. Ongoing Relational Conflict

Alcoholism causes problems in marriages on various levels. You and your spouse may fight over excessive drinking, embarrassing situations in public lack of intimacy, financial problems, or their inability to keep their commitments. Drinking can cause a marriage to fall apart as each spouse grows more distant.

4. Health Problems

Alcoholism can cause numerous medical problems including digestive problems, cirrhosis of the liver, strokes, heart attack, psychosis, loss of motor skills, or loss of memory. Over time, your spouse’s health starts to decline, as multiple problems emerge.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Is my spouse an alcoholic? You can find the answer to that question by contacting a rehab in your area. Addiction treatment centers in Illinois offer comprehensive care that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare. You can get your loved one the help they need to get clean and stay clean for life.