In today’s society, we give some types of addiction a pass. For example, many people look at alcohol consumption or marijuana use in a passe manner. For many, these substances aren’t things to seriously worry about even though they can be abused. Yet, it’s this kind of attitude that can lead an individual down a path to dependency or addiction. Likewise, it is an attitude that hampers individuals from finding support for themselves or others. Fortunately, Beaches Recovery‘s team of medical professionals, counselors, and therapists have the experience and expertise to help individuals see when they need help and get into treatment.

Understanding the Makeup of Addiction

Scientists now know an addiction to be a progressive brain disease. Its symptoms include drug-seeking behaviors, the compulsive abuse of a substance, and the uncontrollable craving for more. Some drugs rewire brain chemistry to add a physical component to psychological dependence. Trying to stop using after addiction sets in now makes you physically ill.

The various types of addiction start with a decision to use a drug. Whether it’s the first opioid painkiller, the first drink of alcohol, or the first snort of cocaine, it’s a choice. However, at some point, your ability to make a choice goes away. You have to use it, or you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. You’re now dealing with a substance abuse problem.

All Types of Addiction Require Professional Assistance

The progressive nature of the brain disease, which you now know as addiction, makes it imperative to seek help. But some individuals are unsure that they want to do so. Some believe that their drug use is a sign of weak morals that now pay the just price. Others don’t realize that they were always at a high risk of engaging in addictive behaviors.

Still, others differentiate between so-called excusable addictions and those that aren’t. Examples would include prescribed opioid painkillers or anti-anxiety drugs as okay and therefore not in need of intervention. On the not-okay list are street drugs and illicit substances that most certainly need medical detox and rehab. These folks don’t understand that the root causes of either addiction are probably similar and call for treatment.

Who Should Seek out Help

No matter what types of addiction problems you struggle with, you need help. Whether you have an alcohol addiction, prescription painkiller dependence, or abuse cocaine, there’s treatment. Each drug’s treatment model may vary, depending on your needs, but you can work toward lifelong recovery within rehab.

Therapists use a variety of tools to help people just like you. Examples include:

Beaches Recovery

If you or a loved one need substance abuse treatment, discuss it with the addiction experts at Beaches Recovery. We work alongside clients to identify not just the support they need to heal from the disease of addiction but how to set and achieve goals in recovery. Each of our addiction treatment programs is comprehensive and customized to meet each individual’s needs. You don’t have to suffer for another day. Reach out to us today at 866.605.0532, or contact us online to begin the journey to sobriety and recovery.