The effects of drug addiction range widely from one person to the next. If you think about the fact that these drugs are made up of dangerous chemicals and toxins that your body cannot handle, it may be clear why they cause such a significant change in your health. If you, like many others, are ready to overcome drug addiction, you can do that by reaching out to a virtual rehab center.

What Are the Effects of Drug Addiction?

You may know what happens when you use drugs. You get a buzz or a high. You feel great. You have lots of energy. Yet, every time you use those drugs, you create intense and escalating problems for your health. That is why it becomes so important for you to work on breaking your drug addiction. Consider the most common effects of drug addiction.

Physical changes you may experience include:

  • Liver damage from prescription painkillers and heroin, especially when combining these with alcohol
  • Damage to your heart from most drugs, especially stimulants
  • Changes to your lungs including damage from any product you smoke as well as lung cancer from drugs like opioids
  • Kidney damage from any drug because the kidneys cannot remove the toxins effectively
  • Gastro problems from drugs and alcohol causing pain and discomfort

Some of the long-term effects of drugs impact the brain as well. For example, with each use, brain cells die. There is no way to produce more brain cells. In addition to this, you may see cognitive function decline, a situation where your brain cannot make wise decisions and may operate at a slower pace. Some people also have trouble with memory.

Consider the Problems with Drug Addiction Itself

In addition to each of these challenges to your body, there is also the outcome of drug addiction. When your brain becomes dependent on drugs, it can stop functioning normally unless you have those drugs. At the same time, you also will see your need for drugs increase. Soon, you are taking in more of the substances that are pushing you closer to overdose.

Drug addiction also impacts every part of your life. You may lose friendships and significant others over it. You may lose opportunities to achieve the goals and dreams you have. Financial turmoil also follows addiction in many cases. Even if you think you can hold it all together right now, you may find these challenges are worsening over time. The effects of drug addiction can compound many times over during your life.

This Does Not Have to Happen

You may be struggling with drug addiction now, but as soon as you reach out to learn more about drug addiction treatment programs near you, things will start to improve. The specialists can help you to break your addiction and heal the underlying causes of it. They can provide you with the tools and real-life solutions to help you find your way forward. 

We offer programs such as these to help you get on the right path: